Chelsea & Westminster


Drs Samir Alwan & Ioanna Papadopoulou

Subspecialties offered

Musculoskeletal, Paediatrics, Interventional Radiology, Genitourinary

Hospitals rotated through

Chelsea & Westminster, West Middlesex, Royal Brompton, Royal Marsden, Frimley Park, Kingston, Charing Cross, Northwick Park

Overview of Core Training (ST1-3)

ST1: 2 week local induction followed by 6 month Emergency Block subdivided by modality (CT/Ultrasound/Fluoroscopy/Plain Film). Second 6 months of the year consists of 2 x 3 months core blocks based at Chelsea & Westminster.

ST2: 4 x 3 month Core Blocks with 2 based at C&W and 2 external placements. The latter consists of 1 rotation at Frimley Park Hospital and 1 of either West Middlesex or Kingston Hospitals.

ST3: 4 x 3 month Core Blocks consisting of 1 rotation at Royal Brompton, 1 at Royal Marsden, 1 combined Charing Cross and Northwick Park (with service sessions at C&W) and the 1 remaining C&W block.

Overview of Specialty Training (ST4-5)

Musculoskeletal: Renowned musculoskeletal centre with a wide mix of musculoskeletal studies/reporting, several ultrasound lists a week with a combination of diagnostic and injections. In addition there are two fluoroscopic intervention lists as well as a number of MDTs to participate in.

Paediatrics: Tertiary Paediatric Surgical centre with ample opportunity for plain film/cross sectional reporting, two dedicated fluoroscopy lists and two Consultant Ultrasound lists a week. Opportunity to attend/participate in NICU, Paeds Medical and Paeds Surgical MDTs. Regional referral centre for intussusceptions with chance to learn/undertake pneumatic reduction both in hours and on call.

IR: Cross site training based predominantly at C&W with weekly sessions at the Royal Marsden. Together they cover a wide range of general IR, with further experience in Paediatric IR and Interventional IR (at RMH). During the mid stages of training, vascular experience is attained at Imperial with return to C&W for later stages. Involvement in both diagnostics later on IR on call rotas.

On Call Commitments

Trainees are on call from ST2 dependent on completion of in house on-call exam. On call is until 9pm on weekdays and from 9am-9pm on weekends with cross-sectional imaging outsourced overnight. This covers all acute CT and ultrasound as well as paediatric emergencies. After this time, on-call is non-resident with commitment only for paediatric emergencies (malrotation/intussusception and ultrasound, although the latter is rare).

Trainees on rotation at Frimley Park, West Middlesex, Royal Brompton and Royal Marsden will be based entirely at these respective sites during the block and do on calls for those sites. All over rotations have on-call commitment at C&W.

Local Teaching

Regular in house teaching performed (2-3 sessions a week) in person with protected regional deanery teaching monthly

Other information