London North West University Healthcare Trust


Dr Jaymini Patel and Dr Nemi Gandy

Subspecialties offered

Musculoskeletal, Breast, Chest, Cardiac, Head and Neck, Gastrointestinal, Acute imaging, Oncology/General

Hospitals rotated through

Northwick Park Hospital, Central Middlesex Hospital, St Marks Hospital, Great Ormond Street, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Mount Vernon Hospital, Harefield Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital

Overview of Core Training (ST1-3)

ST1 (4 x 3-monthly rotations):

  • NPH: Fluoroscopy/plain film block
  • NPH: CT/Ultrasound block
  • CMH: General block (CT/US/plain film/fluoro)
  • CMH: General block (CT/US/plain film/fluoro)

ST2 (4 x 3-monthly rotations):

  • NPH/Mount Vernon: Chest
  • St Marks: Gastrointestinal
  • NPH/Mount Vernon: Genitourinary
  • NPH/RNOH: Musculoskeletal

ST3 (4x 3-monthly rotations):

  • GOSH: Paediatrics
  • NPH/Harefield: Cardiac and IR
  • NPH/Charing Cross: Head and neck, Neuro
  • NPH/Edgware screening: Breast & Gynae

Overview of Specialty Training (ST4-5)

1 or 2 years of the following (depending on subspecialty and agreement with TPD):

  • Musculoskeletal: NPH & RNOH
  • Breast: NPH & Edgware screening
  • Chest: NPH
  • Cardiac: Harefield
  • Head and Neck: NPH
  • Gastrointestinal: St Marks Hospital
  • Acute imaging: NPH
  • Oncology/General: Mount Vernon Hospital

On Call Commitments

On average 1:16 oncall rota

  • 2 weekends shifts (day) in a 16-week cycle
  • Currently 7 night shifts in a 16-week cycle
  • 10 evening shifts (5-10pm) in a 16-week cycle

Local Teaching

Weekly consultant teaching lunchtime/8-9am with variable timetables planned a month in advance

  • Structured teaching for first year registrars targeted at anatomy and physics for FRCR part 1 examination
  • Ad hoc (predominantly lunchtime) teaching for FRCR part 2b